March 8 Vendulka - After Leaving the Island
March 9 Faux Chenille

April 12 Katherine Guerrier - Quilts of all sizes
April 13 Starburst

May 10 Dawn Cameron-Dick - One Woman Quilt Show
May 11 Landscape

June 14 Summer Party with Show and Tell
June 15 Workshop with Jenny Cottier. a Sewing Machine Tidy

July 12 Anne Hibberd - How I Got Here
July 13 'Wonky Squares'


Sept 13 Sylvia Critcher - Charlie Chaplin
Sept 14 Boutis

NOT JUST QUILTS Show at the VENTNOR BOTANICAL GARDENS from 4th to 7th October in the Echium Room. Entry free to show for members .. we must not go beyond the courtyard garden.

October 11 AbbieAnne Searle - Here I Am Again!
October 12 Partridge in a Pear Tree

November 8 The Dye Bag - Before, During and After City and Guilds.
November 9 Convergence Bag

December 13 A.G.M. with American Super, Show and Tell.
December 14 Delia Rowe - Add a Square.
Our programme for the rest of 2018