1. If you use safety pins to layer your projects then using a grapefruit spoon can be helpful opening and closing the pins both before and after you quilt. It helps protect your fingers and is easier.

2.If you are having trouble threading a needle, cut the thread at 45 degree angle and lick the needle .not the thread

3 Set your seems just put iron on unopened seams so that threads 'sink' into fabric.

4 If you are sewing seams on the bias, gently finger press rather than using iron before you sew to next piece.

5 Ditty to remember when paper foundation piecing by Brigid.

When you're learning to piece with foundations
There's a trick that you all ought to know
Set your stitch very small
Then remember this call
Card, fold, trim. pin and then sew!

Feel I need to point out stitches only need to be a little smaller ..too small and impossible to unpick shouls you make a mistake..also
neither myself or Dawn Cameron Dick think that pinning is a good idea. Brigisd was being taught by another of our members who had been taught to pin..
as in all things please do what works for you.