More Hints and tips .
There were loads of good ideas floating around at the February meeting Any Questions
Here are some of the questions and a quick resume of answers.

How do you sew a scant1/4 seam -
give it your attention, use a 1/4 in foot (not universally agreed!) Use a marked line on your footplate to keep you in line, practise.

Do you pin or tack the 3 layers together before quilting?
Lots of discussion on this. Very few backers for tacking any more . Some good hints about using safety pins . They need to be the right size and quality, you can avoid damaged fingers by using a spoon to ease them into place , and if you are machine quilting they are easily moved out of they way of your needle. Quite a few people recommended a neat gadget that fires a plastic tab through the quilt sandwich to keep the layers in place. And don't forget good old Stick and Spray.(other brands are available)

How do I finish off binding a quilt that looks neat and not a mess?
There were some very good demonstrations from the audience which kept us engaged and amused. The mitre in all its forms was discussed and a neat way of joining the binding which reduced the bulk where the ends meet. Difficult to describe, perhaps we should have taken pictures.

Can patchwork be made with a variety of different fabrics in the same quilt.
The Quilt Police were hovering .... the immediate response was ....What !...but on reflection ideas began to flow and there was some creative ideas about how it could work.. the Victorians and early quilters often mixed fabrics so why not. But take care what sort of fabrics you mix.

There were lots more ideas flying around , all in all a really interesting evening.

Hints and Tips 1
1. If you use safety pins to layer your projects then using a grapefruit spoon can be helpful opening and closing the pins both before and after you quilt. It helps protect your fingers and is easier.

2.If you are having trouble threading a needle, cut the thread at 45 degree angle and lick the needle .not the thread

3 Set your seems just put iron on unopened seams so that threads 'sink' into fabric.

4 If you are sewing seams on the bias, gently finger press rather than using iron before you sew to next piece.

5 Ditty to remember when paper foundation piecing by Brigid.

When you're learning to piece with foundations
There's a trick that you all ought to know
Set your stitch very small
Then remember this call
Card, fold, trim. pin and then sew!

Feel I need to point out stitches only need to be a little smaller ..too small and impossible to unpick shouls you make a mistake..also
neither myself or Dawn Cameron Dick think that pinning is a good idea. Brigisd was being taught by another of our members who had been taught to pin..
as in all things please do what works for you.