LINUS QUILTS September 2020
In a time of Covid -19 the Linus Quilts continue to take a hug to children and young ones in need. So keep up the good work . The local Coordinator is happy to collect, quarantine and distribute any donated quilts, so if you have a pile waiting to go to a good home contact a Vectis Committee member ( numbers on yr yellow membership card) and we will put you in touch.

We have been operating since February 2016, and it has been wonderful to see how generous people have been with their time and sewing skills. We have received over 170 quilts, from at least 40 different people and groups. Maybe just one quilt, sometimes one a month! Many, but not all, of our quilts have been made by Vectis Quilters members. We are very grateful to Vectis Quilters for their support, both from the Committee and the individual members, but PLUK on the Island is an independent initiative, and anyone is welcome to help us.

We have built up our relationships with relevant agencies slowly, as we had no idea how many quilts we would be able to produce. Also, we wanted to do the job properly. We have donated quilts to :

St Mary's
Beaulieu House
Ability Dogs for Young People
Rainbow Trust

The Children's Ward likes to receive smaller quilts, but Fostering have asked for mainly larger, bed topper sized quilts.

About 4 years ago Vectis Quilters made a raffle quilt to raise funds for Kissy Puppy, and I was told at that time there were on the Island more than 50 children with life limiting conditions. Fostering oversee the care of about 350 children at any one time. There are a lot of children on the Island who do not have the childhood we would wish for them. If the donation of a quilt can give them any comfort, or sense of security, make where they live more homely, or keep them warm, then that makes a very good reason to keep on sewing.

Go to our galleries for some pictures of Linus quilts.