All you need for the Workshops


    January /February 2020

    The workshops for January and February are a bit different.
    Jan Elliot will be guiding you in Concentric Circles, starting with the January workshop and finishing in February. So you will need to sign up for the 2 sessions.

    Requirements for Concentric Circles (also known as Ever decreasing Circles)

    Backing fabric -18'' square plus a piece 18'' x 6'' if you wish to add a hanging sleeve
    Wadding -18''square
    18 fabric stripsfor front- 1.5'' x 18'' - I prefer batiks , they have a tighter weave and fold togetherwell when circles are cut
    Accent fabric - 14'' - you may wish to have a couple of colours
    Fusible webbing - 14''square
    Regular sewing thread to blend with your fabrics
    Invisible thread
    Fabric for binding - you may wish to choose this after you have constructed the piece

    Sewing Machine
    General sewing suppluies
    Sharp scissors for cutting out
    Compass or means of marking /cutting 13'' or14'' diameter circles
    Tape measure

    March 2020
    Ann Hellyer - Set the town alight ! - Kit available from Ann - £12.50

    Set the town Alight! – Winter or Snowy Townscape
    Free Machine Embroidery Worksho

    Create a beautiful 3D wrap suitable for use with LED string lights or a battery operated tea-light candle. Using my hand painted fabrics and free machine embroidery.

    Each student will need: -
    Hand painted calico – 4 @ 16 x 7.5 cms*
    Hand painted calico roofs, path - 2 @ 4 x 30 cms (these can be grey/ brown or use white felt for “snow”)
    Odd pieces of fabric for doors
    Painted scrim (optional)

    Lining fabric 30 x 25 cms
    Organza (optional) 30 x 25cms

    Bondaweb / Heat n Bond or similar. Maximum of 1 metre Craft interfacing – 30 x 22 cms

    *Commercially produced fabrics can be used if you wish.

    I can provide all materials needed for £12.50 per student.

    Each student will also need to bring the following:
    Potato or sweet potato and small sharp vegetable knife
    Small sharp fabric scissors
    Basic sewing kit (needles, pins, tape measure etc
    Sewing Machine (and user manual) – you will be using free machine technique so will need a darning foot and also a standard straight stitch foot.
    Machine threads – a minimum of black, grey and white, but bring threads in your favourite colours as you will be choosing your own colour scheme.

    I will provide all other materials/equipment needed.

    Ann Hellyer


    April 2020

    Sue Orchin - Free Motion Machine Quilting

    This workshop will be much more structured one than previous workshops I have run. I hope to offer the chance to practice patterns that you would like to learn.
    Beginners are welcome as usual and will be helped to start and learn to do several easier patterns including vermicelli and simple wavy lines with leaves etc. Please fill in the accompanying form as a beginner.
    However for those of you who know the basics there is the opportunity to learn a variety of patterns to enhance your quilting. Please fill in the form at the booking in table so that I am able to prepare lessons for you all. If you have a pattern not included please describe or draw a sample for me to see.

    Clean sewing machine with feed dogs you can lower (or with cover)
    New needles.
    At least one fat quarter sandwich of ‘plainish’ fabric for practise. (fabric,wadding, fabric)
    Pencil and paper, marking pens. ‘Bendy ruler’ if you have one.
    Sewing machine manual.
    Darning foot, or similar foot with optimum view of sewing area.
    Good quality thread that you know your machine likes. (Some machines have minds of their own and do not like some threads!)
    Foot pedal.
    Scissors and your usual sewing tool box.

    Sue O