All you need for the Workshops



Friday 12th April 2019 - Workshop with Jenny Rundle
TT Magic

TT Magic consists of using a piece of pictorial cotton, supplied prior to workshop at a cost of £4.50. Prior to the workshop this needs to be cut into the individual pictures , cutting guidelines are given in advance of the workshop
Note[/b] if wrongly cut a new piece will need to be purchased
You will also need4 matching fat quarters, coordinating plain or colour on colour, (not large prints) which should pick out the mail overall colours in the pictorial fabric to make a wall hanging, they should contrast with each other. I will have a box with some suitable FQs at the workshop for purchase. You will also need border and backing fabric , plus wadding, but these will not be used on the day.
Equipment Requirements
Large cutting mat , rotary cutter , Perspex multi ruler - 2.5 in width and as long as poss - I have spares , sewing kit , including pins , sewing machine (- the project can be undertaken by hand , but not much will be achieved in the day ) Machine sewing threads to match or neutral .
Additional information
1. If you bring fabric larger than Fat Quarters do not cut smaller in advance of the workshop - pieces smaller than FQs are not suitable.
2. On a day workshop you should complete all your blocks , achieve a layout design and start to join the hanging together. It is useful to bring an old sheet or similar so that the hanging can be pinned to it if not fully sewn and taken home intact.
3. On the day you will be cutting out and machining your FQs into strips and blocks and arranging a layout with your precut pictorial scenes.

The workshop is about the basic design and layout of TT Magic hangings and this allows you to finish the hanging at home and then move on to more intricate designs of your own.
Jenny Rundle 2019.
Friday 10th May

A Traveling Work-box - workshop led by Kate Starling

Requirements List for Travelling Workbox.
On the Day;
½ Mtr Outer Fabric , ½ Mtr Inner Fabric
Toning (Strong) quilters thread, Hand sewing needle
An all-over non-directional dress or patchwork weight cotton fabric will make life easier for you.
½ mtr linings for outer boards.
Pelmet Vilene OR 2oz needlepunched wadding OR non woven cleaning cloth (Aldi or Lidl)
For inner boards 2oz wadding or needlepunched wadding
Double sided sellotape, ½ inch wide, (try The Works, The Range)
Pritt-stick or Tacky Glue and spreader.
Sewing Kit, Scissors
To Complete the Box: (Can be bought after the day of the class).
1 Mtr 1” wide Grossgrain ribbon. ½ Mtr ¼” wide elastic.
Decorative button OR Magnetic clasp. Hand bag feet.
Tutor will provide a pre-cut set of boards, vilene, circular needles 12 or 15, for which there will be a charge of £10 per person, payable on the day.
She will bring Magnetic clasps and handbag feet for you to purchase if needed.
Samples of the Regular 2oz Wadding, needle punched 2 oz wadding and Pelmet Vilene will be available to see at Vectis April Meeting.


Friday 1 th June

Free Motion Quilting Workshop for Beginners and Improvers Friday 14 June.
A chance for everyone to try different patterns and for improvers to learn ways of placing particular patterns within a space. We will cover ‘vermicelli’, pebbles, wavy lines, writing, mussels, feathers and linear patterns. Improvers may wish to try feathers in a circle, square, triangle etc.
Bring drawings or stencils of patterns you wish to try.
The aim will be that beginners ( and improvers if they wish ) will be able to produce some small blocks which can be joined together later to make the front of a cushion, table mat or a bag etc.
Get paper and pen out and practise drawing patterns over and over before the workshop. Draw the size you feel comfortable with.
Sewing kit to include open toed, darning or quilting foot and machine manual.
Good quality thread that you know works well in your machine.
Machine quilting gloves if you have them, or ‘non slip’ rubbery mesh available from Poundland etc. I will have some if you cannot find.
Scrap paper to draw on with pencil or pen.
* A ‘sandwich’ (fabric, wadding, fabric) of ‘plainish’ fabric to practise on.. you can use wrong side .. can be any shape but about a fat quarter.
Marking Tool. Use marking tool you are happy with .. I only use either white chalk or a soft or propelling pencil which can be rubbed off later if necessary.
Check that your feed dogs can be lowered .. or that you have a cover which you can put in place.
*6 sandwiches 8 x 8 inches lightly tacked together around outside edge, marked centrally with a 6 x 6 inch square.
*Sandwich(es) as desired to make an item of choice or just plenty of practise sandwiches.
Stencils or printed patterns you wish to try or learn how to ‘place’ within a block.
‘Bendy ruler’, if you have one.
*Cereal packet cardboard cut into shapes .. circles 6 or 8 inch diameter, triangles no less than 4 inch shortest side, 6 inch squares.
Sue Orchin